January 2020

What’s My Why: Greg M., Mental Health and Recovery Technician

My name is Greg M., and over the last seven to eight months that I have worked at The Blackberry Center, I have worn multiple hats. I am a recovery technician for the Partial Hospitalization Program, a mental health technician at The Blackberry Hospital, and an admission specialist. As a Recovery and mental health technician,...
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Top 5 Addiction Recovery Groups

Having a stable support system can make all of the difference in the success of someone’s recovery. But what happens to those of us who do not have a support system like family and friends available in the real world? What if you do have a support system, but they don’t understand your recovery journey?...
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What’s My Why: Tina K., Residential Advisor

My name is Tina Kelly, and I have been a Residential Advisor at The Blackberry Center for three years. As an RA, some of my job duties include  Talking to patients during the admissions process to gather their information  Maintaining a healthy and safe environment in the villas that our patients live in during recovery ...
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What’s My Why: David N., Recovery Assistant

My name is David N., and I’ve been with The Blackberry Center for over four and a half years. I’m a Recovery Assistant (RA), and that means that I facilitate group therapy, help patients get to and from activities, and overall create an environment that’s conducive to recovery. I like to show recovering addicts that...
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Creating an Effective Relapse Prevention Plan

If you’ve recently gotten clean, congratulations! You’ve taken a huge step toward a better life by getting sober. Things are probably starting to look up. So, why do 40-60% of recovering addicts and alcoholics who seek treatment relapse within the first year? In this article, we’ll cover the warning signs of relapse and ways to...
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