Drug Detox


Drug Detox

April 16, 2020
When it comes to drug detox, the particulars of treatment vary greatly from person to person. The right drug detox program will take into account your history of drug use, drug(s) of choice, and your history with relapses. Because the drug detox treatments for heroin, prescription opioids, and benzodiazepines all differ, our physicians and recovery...
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Drug Detox Withdrawal: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

July 30, 2019
This article was reviewed for medical accuracy by Dr. Takeesha Roland-Jenkins. Managing the symptoms of withdrawal is an important aspect of recovery, and although it may seem counterintuitive, decreasing your use of drugs or alcohol too quickly or quitting cold turkey can cause unintended consequences, including drug detox withdrawal symptoms and even death [1]. For...
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