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What’s My Why: Tina K., Residential Advisor

My name is Tina Kelly, and I have been a Residential Advisor at The Blackberry Center for three years. As an RA, some of my job duties include  Talking to patients during the admissions process to gather their information  Maintaining a healthy and safe environment in the villas that our patients live in during recovery ...
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how to fight nicotine addiction

Here’s How to Fight – and Beat – Nicotine Addiction

If you’re a smoker, its likely that you already know your habit is bad for your health. Effects on your health include increased risk of heart disease, lung cancer, high blood pressure, lung disease. To quit smoking can be quite the challenge. On average, it takes daily smokers around 30 attempts to successfully quit. So what...
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Former NFL Player Talks Victory over Addiction during Pro Bowl

Addiction nearly took this former NFL wide receiver’s life. Now, one of the “three amigos” is giving back. ORLANDO, Fla. – January 17, 2019 Addiction is not a common topic at the Pro Bowl, albeit a relevant one. Retired NFL players are four times more likely to misuse prescription opioids. This year, one former Denver...
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