Christian-Based Drug Rehab Center | How Does Addiction Affect Loved Ones?

Addiction and substance abuse take a toll on your mental and physical health. In addition, it also affects your friends and family as they see you struggle. Caring for your loved ones is one of the many reasons to seek treatment and fight addiction. Learn all about the effects addiction can have on those you love and get help from a Christian-based drug rehab center.

Financial Stability

Oftentimes, those who abuse substances lose control of their finances. Addicts will do anything they can for their next fix. This means that they can blow through a family’s savings account or even sell valuable possessions. As a result, an addict’s family can struggle financially. Additionally, once this cycle starts, it is very difficult to become financially stable again.

Physical Safety

Addicts, especially those addicted to drugs, often buy their substances illegally. This can put children, friends, and family in danger. The physical and psychological effects that drugs and alcohol have on a person can also make them violent or out of control. When an addict is under the influence, they pose a threat to those around them and cannot participate in typical family duties or responsibilities.

Psychological Well-Being

Seeing a loved one battle substance abuse causes psychological damage. For children, this causes parental denial and inconsistencies that can be damaging. This increases the child’s risks for anxiety, depression, and even addiction.

Are You Ready for a Christian Based Drug Rehab Center?

Addicts and their loved ones often lose faith and hope when affected by addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, contact The Blackberry Center. This Christian-based drug rehab center can help turn around the lives of those affected by addiction.

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