In 2016, The New York Times Magazine gave millennials a new nickname: La Generación De Adderall. Since its release in 1996, doctors have prescribed the drug to millions of people—oftentimes children. While prescription drugs can help us manage an assortment of health concerns, it’s crucial that we know their risks, including the el riesgo de adicción. If you are running this risk, it’s important to know how to fight Adderall addiction.

El mayor misterio es el nombre de

Adderall se refiere a los fabricantes de medicamentos promover la idea de "A. D. D para todos.” It’s the brand name for amphetamine salts, a drug that is used to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Se ha sobrepasado el Ritalin como el go-to para el tratamiento de estos trastornos, gracias a su el más duradero y más dirigida efectos. However, the simple fact is that Adderall can be dangerous.

It’s de un amphetamine — a prescription stimulant. It’s closely related to methamphetamine, one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs in the world.

Adderall is different in chemical formulation. It is generally safer than its illicit counterpart. However, users should never forget that’s it’s in the same family. It also shares similarities to prescription opioids.

For many years, doctors prescribed these addictive medications without patients truly being aware of how dangerous they are.

Disparando los índices de uso

Currently, there are over 16 million people with prescriptions to Adderall o medicamentos similares como Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine). However, this number doesn’t also include people who illegally gain access to the drug. Adderall is widely known to be a popular drug of choice for college students. Research has found that 24% of students use the drug to help them pay attention in class, cram for exams and for recreation.

How to Fight Adderall Addiction college student on Adderall studying

The problem is that Adderall users often don’t suffer from ADD or ADHD. Instead, in high-pressure environments, students (as well as office workers and other professionals) use it to gain a competitive edge.

Regardless of whether a person suffers from ADHD or not, over time, they build a tolerance. This can easily lead to developing an addiction to the substance. Doctors have prescribed Adderall XR (extended release) to help curb abuse. However, this formulation can still lead to many of the same dangers.

El problema de la tolerancia

In theory, Adderall works to increase alertness. If you are taking this drug, you will likely notice how you can better focus on your tasks and responsibilities. It interacts with the dopamine and norepinephrine receptors in the brain. This typically increases your reaction speed and ability to pay attention.

El factor clave aquí es la relación a la dopamina. Dopamine is your brain’s feel-good chemical. Although the brain naturally produces this compound, Adderall pushes your brain to produce excess amounts of it. Side effects of tolerance include trouble sleeping, reduced appetite and irritability.

Warning signs of abuse include:

  • el insomnio
  • el comportamiento maníaco
  • la pérdida de peso
  • la ira o cambios de humor
  • la boca seca
  • erupción
  • la depresión
  • la dependencia

young man struggling with Adderall addiction

La lucha de Adderall retiro

Over time, you will develop a tolerance and need more of the drug to experience the same effects. If you become dependent on the drug, you’ll likely se siente cansado y mentalmente claro without taking it.

Adderall withdrawal symptoms are strong. They may include:

  • needing increasing larger doses
  • wanting to decrease dosage, but unable to
  • ser incapaz de trabajar o estudiar sin la droga
  • el sentimiento de la turbidez o letargo
  • faltan otras actividades para el uso de Adderall en lugar
  • el gasto de grandes cantidades de tiempo y dinero para obtener Adderall

Most people don’t try to get addicted to Adderall. However, unlike other drugs, it can be much more difficult for people to see they have an addiction since it is prescribed as medication.

On the other hand, there are many individuals who fake the symptoms of ADD or ADHD to gain access to Adderall. Regardless, the drug is dangerous and highly likely to lead to substance abuse.

Lucha a través del proceso de retiro

Quitting can be extremely difficult if you are addicted to Adderall. Withdrawal side effects are so significant that even individuals who actively want to stop taking the drug have a hard time.

Like other drugs, the duration and dosage of Adderall will determine how long the process is. You may stop experiencing symptoms in just a few days. But for more serious instances, you may experience the withdrawal process for several weeks.

During this time, there is a high probability of relapse. Even drugs designed for lower rates of abuse like Adderall XR still have a larga y difícil la retirada de la fase de.

Hear more about the fight against Adderall addiction by clicking here:

Cómo combatir la adicción a Adderall

Most medical professionals advise not quitting Adderall cold turkey. Instead, they recommend a gradual process of reducing intake. Otherwise, you may likely experience a crash with the severe symptoms listed above.

If you are a long-term and/or heavy user, it’s best for a medical professional to supervise your withdrawal process. This is because side effects associated with heavy use can include:

  • depresión aguda
  • la paranoia
  • paro cardíaco
  • las convulsiones

Once you’ve gone through detox, it’s essential to begin a rehabilitation program. Most healthcare providers recommend cognitive behavioral therapy that will include individual and group counseling sessions.

It’s importante recordar que en general, hay una 40-60% rate of relapse in addiction treatment. That’s why it’s crucial to your sobriety and your overall health to have relapse prevention tools and other strategies ready. Therapy that focuses on identifying your triggers and behaviors are key in helping you learn how to fight Adderall addiction.

Superando la adicción a Adderall

Whether a prescribed treatment or taken for recreational or other uses, Adderall is highly addictive and dangerous. The side effects of long-term use are serious and can result in significant health problems.

Likewise, withdrawal from the pills is very difficult and usually requires medical supervision. It is possible to learn how to fight Adderall addiction. The highest rates of success are found in addiction centers, so seek professional medical to help you take the first step toward sobriety.

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Your needs are unique. We treat you as such.

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