La superación de la Vergüenza en la Recuperación es Crucial

Sentimientos de culpa y vergüenza son comunes en los luchando con la adicción. But those feelings may actually sabotage your recovery process. Overcoming shame in recovery – and after recovery – is crucial to defeating a drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction and el mantenimiento de la sobriedad de toda la vida.

La exploración de la vergüenza y la adicción

Guilt and shame will challenge your recovery. You may feel dañado por su adicción and undeserving of happiness and sobriety. The first step is to ask for help in dealing with such feelings. Research has shown that those abusing drugs and/or alcohol recognize that “la recuperación es dentro de their reach” when they receive treatment.

Several studies have shown the detrimental effects of shame on relapse as well. A 2013 study suggested that shame can increase the possibility of relapse and other health problems related to addiction. Researchers noted that “cuánta vergüenza participantes de la muestra strongly predicted not only whether they relapsed, but how bad that relapse was.”

mujer sentada en un banco y la sensación de vergüenza

In order to dive deeper on how shame can lead to damage through multiple stages of recovery, we have to look closer at the difference between guilt and shame.

Conocer la diferencia entre la culpa y la vergüenza

Overcoming shame in recovery begins with understanding the difference between guilt and shame.

When you feel guilty, it’s related to a behavior you engaged in. For example, if you committed a crime or lied about something important, you might feel guilt based on those actions. When you’re guilty, you likely realize what you did was wrong.

Shame, on the other hand, runs deeper. According to Brené Brown, a leading researcher on courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy at the University of Houston, la vergüenza es la más primitiva de las emociones we feel.

When you feel shame, the focus is not on your actions. Instead, it’s on yourself. You may have thoughts such as

  • I’m a bad person.
  • I’m unlovable.
  • I’m not important.

adolescente, apoyado contra una pared y experimentar vergüenza

Shame cuts deep. It puts the focus on negative feelings about yourself. It tells you that you’re flawed and not worthy of happiness or forgiveness.

Experiencing guilt is a healthy part of recovery. It may kickstart your journey towards sober living. It may impel you to right a wrong, take ownership of past mistakes or make amends with a loved one.

On the other hand, the presence of shame might force you deeper into the vicious cycle of addiction. It may leave you feeling unworthy of support and a second chance. It may even trigger you to actively reject help and leave you embarrassed. According to Brown, shame needs 3 things to grow:

  • el secreto
  • el silencio
  • juicio

There is a strong link between shame and mental health conditions, including depression. This association can also la unidad que se auto-medican, furthering the cycle of addiction.

La superación de la vergüenza en la recuperación

We know that shame and addiction go hand in hand. Yet knowing this means we can break the cycle of shame, get addiction treatment and start the road to recovery. When you find yourself in a shame spiral, keep these tips in mind:

1) Recognize your shame

Para romper el ciclo, it’s imperative to recognize your behavior as well as your negative thought patterns. Aim to take a more empowering approach. Say these words out loud: “I will do better next time.”

mujer caminando por un nuevo camino

2) Be open about your shame

Talking through your shame – especially with someone que puede mostrar empatía – can be extremely cathartic. It is also one of the building blocks of cognitive behavioral therapy.

According to Brown, shame depends on you believing that you’re alone. When you’re able to seek out a friend or counselor who will lend you an ear in a safe environment, you are not only maintaining healthy relationships but you’re also taking steps to overcome your shame.

3) See your value

It’s a menudo se dice que we can be our worst critics. Treating yourself with compassion and learning to forgive yourself can be hard, but it also can raise your self-esteem and self-worth.

Avoid making excuses for your past. Learn to live with your mistakes and the lessons they taught you. Look for ways to mend relationships. The act of gratitude can even rewire su cerebro and activate the parts of it that produce dopamine.

Learn more about overcoming shame in recovery here:

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