Takeesha Roland Jenkins
Takeesha Roland Jenkins

Takeesha Roland-Jenkins, Ph.D.

Medical Reviewer

Author Bio

Dr. Takeesha Roland-Jenkins is a psychologist, writer, editor, and educator with many years of experience working in the mental health and medical arena. Dr. Roland-Jenkins is a professional writer and editor based in Florida. Her writing has been published in the Journal of Instructional Research as well as by Brain Blogger, Between Us Clinic, Consultant 360, BrainMass, and The Good Men Project, among others. Her subject areas covers a wide variety of topics that pertain to psychology, mental health, general health and fitness, dietary supplementation, ethnicity-related backlash, and own-group conformity pressure, to name a few. As a former rehabilitation counselor for individuals with physical and learning disabilities as well as those struggling with substance abuse disorder, she is a strong advocate for encouraging autonomy among individuals with disabilities. In addition, Dr. Roland-Jenkins helps people of all ages foster healthy, fulfilling relationships.

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