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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, you might feel increased bouts of depression and anxiety. And while that’s understandable during a public health crisis, we want you to know that COVID-19 does not have to cost you your mental health.

At The Blackberry Center, we’ll help you address these coronavirus anxiety and depression issues in a setting that is peaceful, welcoming, and most importantly, safe. Let’s talk about how a reliable mental health treatment center can help you during the coronavirus pandemic.

How Can I Get Help for My Coronavirus Depression and Anxiety?

If you’ve noticed increase feelings of depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, then now is the time to seek help. At a reliable, reputable mental health treatment center, you can expect:

  • Cleanliness: At our inpatient mental health care center, our staff regularly cleans all surfaces to prevent coronavirus transmission. Additionally, all new patients are screened for COVID-19 to protect both their health and the health of our Blackberry community.
  • Depression Treatment: By giving you mental health coping techniques and filling your day with engaging, structured activities, we will help you get rid of your depression symptoms. Our treatments include group therapy to keep you connected, cognitive behavioral therapy to help you find new coping skills, and recreational therapy to keep you active and engaged.
  • Anxiety Treatment: Feeling coronavirus anxiety is normal, but we’ll help you redirect that nervousness into healthier, more productive outlets. Our anxiety treatments will build a foundation that you can use to stay happy and healthy throughout the coronavirus crisis.
  • Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Treatment: With all these feelings of coronavirus anxiety and depression, and with nothing else to do, you may feel tempted to spend a lot of time drinking or using drugs. To protect your sobriety and your well-being, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to address both your coronavirus mental health issues and your addiction issues in a way that is comprehensive and holistic.

Feeling a little upset or nervous about the coronavirus pandemic is understandable. But when coronavirus depression and anxiety stop you from living your life, then it’s time to seek professional mental health care. 

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