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Drug Addiction Treatment Florida

Detoxification and Rehabilitation Center For Drug Dependency and Addiction

Drug addiction is a powerful, overwhelming force. For those who suffer from drug addiction, they often find deterioration in their health, behaviors, and decision-making abilities. For most people, drug addiction develops over time until it is both a mental and physical addiction. Overcoming both of these issues without professional help is impossible for many people. That’s where our drug detox and rehabilitation programs can help. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, whether it is to cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, or another substance, you’ve likely experienced the ravages of addiction. Fortunately, you’re not alone—The Blackberry Center is here to help you achieve lifelong recovery and safely navigate the drug detox process.

What Can I Expect?

An addiction specialist will outline your individualized drug addiction treatment program. Our thorough process consists of a personalized assessment of drug habits, a comprehensive physical to evaluate your overall health, and an individualized detox program. This multi-channel approach is coupled with medical supervision, healthy dietary planning, individual and group therapy, and daily, organized physical activity. Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

What Sets the Blackberry Center’s Addiction Treatment Apart?

  • Cutting-Edge Care:

    Our highly trained doctors and addiction specialists have created a proprietary program that evaluates each one of our clients’ unique addictive tendencies and personal needs. This comprehensive form of care helps our clients reach their sobriety goals in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Sensitivity and Discretion:

    We understand the sensitivity surrounding drug addiction and know that the path to recovery isn’t simple. Because of this, our staff promises the utmost discretion from the moment you call through the end of your treatment program.

  • Comfortable Facilities:

    At our facilities, our clients find a scenic backdrop to overcome their dependency and prepare for life post-treatment. Located in the beautiful Orlando, Florida area, our addiction treatment center creates the perfect atmosphere for addiction recovery.

Drug Detoxification Center Details

If you’ve made the decision to seek treatment for your drug dependency, you’ve already taken the most difficult step. While you may think you can do it on your own, drug detoxification can produce dangerous side effects, and it is important that it is done with the appropriate medical supervision. Once you’re admitted into The Blackberry Center’s drug detoxification program, our expert care staff will analyze your specific addiction needs to develop a safe and effective detox protocol that’s tailored to you. The entire drug detoxification process typically takes between five and seven days, during which time you’ll be closely monitored to minimize the side effects with the support of drug addiction specialists.

Drug Detoxification Process

The entire drug detoxification process can be summarized in 3 steps, which are as follows:

  • Evaluation:

    Your current physical and mental health will be evaluated in addition to your specific addiction(s). A comprehensive, multi-paneled test will be administered to identify all drug types and amounts present in your body.

  • Stabilization:

    The withdrawal effects from drug dependency can be painful and challenging to endure. We make the process as comfortable as possible for you by providing you all necessary medical supervision and mental support along with sleeping accommodations and regular meals that meet the highest standards. Your safety is our number one priority throughout the drug detoxification process. As the side effects of withdrawal can be mentally and physically harmful, the entire detox will be performed under the supervision of addiction specialists, physicians, and mental health counselors.

  • Transition to Treatment:

    While the physical effects of your drug dependency will be alleviated during detoxification, successful recovery requires dedication to rehabilitation. Our addiction specialists will provide support for you throughout the entire rehabilitation process.

A Lasting Recovery Starts Here

If you feel that you must use a prescription or illegal drug regularly and have failed at attempts to stop the cycle, we urge you to contact us today. You can reach our admissions specialists at 888-512-9802, or you can fill out our confidential contact form. It doesn’t matter if you are standing at the brink of addiction or if you have been addicted for years; our team of specialists can develop an individualized treatment program that will help you begin your path to a lasting recovery.

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