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self-harm recovery

self-harm recovery


Why Choose The Blackberry Center of Central Florida

Why The Blackberry Center of Central Florida Hospital is Right for You to Get Help At The Blackberry Center of Central Florida Hospital, we understand that seeking help for behavioral health and substance use issues can be a challenging and courageous decision. Our...

Top Central Florida Behavioral Hospital

Choose the top Central Florida behavioral hospital when looking for help for yourself or a loved one. Look for a hospital that is set up to treat your specific condition. This includes having the best trained staff to support you through the process. Read on for...

Oxycodone and Alcohol: Can You Mix Them?

Millions of people throughout the country take prescription opioids for pain relief every day. However, some people may look for ways to magnify the effects of their medication, such as by taking oxycodone and alcohol together. Unfortunately, combining substances...

Am I Depressed or Lazy? Knowing When to Get Help

When over 30 percent of adults in the United States exhibit at least one symptom of depression each week, it becomes difficult to gauge when to seek professional help. People who demonstrate a lack of motivation and struggle to complete household chores may ask,...

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment for Adults: FAQ

When someone experiences stomach pain or breaks a bone, they go to a doctor for help. But when someone lives with depression or anxiety, they may be told, “Just deal with it.” This is a dangerous and unhealthy approach to mental health. The truth is, it should be...

Effective Treatments for Anxiety Disorders

Of all the mental illnesses in the United States, anxiety disorders are the most common, affecting over 40 million adults every year. That’s the equivalent of almost one in five people. Such a widespread issue demands ample attention, and thankfully, effective...

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