Adult Mental Health Program
Top-Ranked Mental Health Programs for Improved Wellness and Recovery

Life with mental health issues can be overwhelming. That’s why our adult mental health program exists; to provide intensive treatment for people living with emotional and psychiatric issues. At The Blackberry Center, each therapy and treatment modality is provided alongside compassion, empathy, and respect. And that starts with getting to know you.


When you first arrive at The Blackberry Center for mental health treatment, you will meet with our care team to help create a treatment program that meets your needs. This will include a medical evaluation by one of our physicians, an emotional evaluation from a mental health expert, and a discussion of your treatment goals with a member of our dedicated care staff. From there, our team will work with you to choose treatments and therapies that will best serve your mental health goals.

There are a wide variety of mental health conditions that affect people in the Orlando, Florida area. At our St. Cloud treatment center, we treat many different mental health issues that have real, tangible impacts on our patients’ daily lives.

These mental health issues include:

Under the supervision of an adult mental health care team made up of psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, nurses and other unit staff, we’ll help you identify the sources of your psychological issues that impair your ability to lead a happy, healthy life. Our intensive and therapeutically focused treatment program focuses on providing comprehensive, effective treatment that empowers you to take control of your life and improve your mental health.

Mental Health Treatment Options

At The Blackberry Center, we know that what works for someone else might not work for you. That’s why your treatment program will be uniquely designed to address your adult mental health conditions and your treatment needs.

So what can you expect from your mental health treatment program? While each program is individualized, we do offer certain evidence-based treatments for patients to enroll in. Bear in mind that we administer each mental health treatment with expert clinical care and respect for your unique experiences.

Our Treatment Modalities Include:

Medication Evaluation and Management:

Depending on your circumstances, medication can help or harm your mental wellness. At The Blackberry Center, you will undergo a medication evaluation with a licensed physician to mutually decide whether or not medication will help your unique case.

Group Psychotherapy:

Group therapy provides an excellent opportunity for you to share your experiences with mental illness and find a caring, supportive community. By sharing common experiences, you will work with mental health professionals and other patients to develop effective coping skills for real-world situations.

Family Education:

Your loved ones can provide crucial support in your mental health recovery. At your request, our family education services will give your family a space to come together, discuss how best to support you, and rebuild relationships.

Recreational Therapy

At The Blackberry Center, even your recreational time will help improve your mental health. These structured activities will help you build core competencies in areas like physical wellness, communication skills, and interpersonal development.

Discharge Planning:

After completing our inpatient mental health program, we will help you find the next step in your recovery. This could mean transferring to an outpatient program, finding a supportive living situation, or signing up for long-term therapy. No matter what you need, we will connect you with local mental health resources to safeguard your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Let Us Safeguard Your Mental Health

Ultimately, our care team’s number one priority is giving you the mental health care that you need. Regardless of your background, we are committed to placing you back in control of your life. No matter what your mental health situation is, we are here to tell you that you are not alone.

Do you have questions about our mental health programming? You can reach out to our admissions specialists at (813) 908-4199, or you can tell us about your situation via our confidential contact form. If you’re concerned about your mental health, then the best time to seek help is right now.

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