Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine can give you energy and a strong sense of euphoria. But the comedown can leave you feeling anxious and depressed. Moreover, prolonged use can alter the reward circuits and dopamine system in your brain, causing you to feel unwell without it. The cycle of a cocaine use disorder can leave you feeling trapped. But cocaine addiction treatment can help you break free from addiction. Below you’ll learn more about how The Blackberry Center can help adults ready to start their recovery journey. 

How Can Cocaine Addiction Treatment Help Me?

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is so addictive many users become addicted after only a few uses. Once you’re addicted, you no longer have control over your drug use. Using cocaine becomes a compulsive behavior despite the negative consequences it has on your health and your life. If you rely on substance abuse to prevent yourself from getting sick or experiencing withdrawal symptoms, it’s time to seek addiction treatment options.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cocaine overdose deaths have been steadily rising over the last few decades. But overdosing isn’t the only life-threatening scenario cocaine abusers are at a high risk of experiencing. One of the most damaging long-term effects of cocaine abuse is damage to the cardiovascular system. This in turn can damage the brain and other organ systems.

However, it’s not too late to improve your physical and mental health with the help of professional treatment. If your drug use is interfering with your quality of life, it’s time to consider the benefits of enrolling in a cocaine addiction treatment program in one of the top treatment facilities in Central Florida. 

What to Expect From Cocaine Addiction Treatment

You may believe it’s more difficult to overcome cocaine addiction than other substance use disorders. However, this isn’t the case. A combination of behavioral therapies and support groups can be effective in helping you put an end to your substance abuse. Our evidence-based cocaine addiction treatment will provide you with the tools and resources necessary for long-term sobriety. Keep reading to learn more about what our treatment programs have to offer. 

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine Detox

Cocaine addiction treatment starts with drug detoxification because this process eliminates all of the toxins in your body. Detoxing in a drug-free environment has proven to be an effective step in recovery by decreasing the chances of relapse after completing treatment. You may have put off seeking treatment because of the withdrawal process. While it can be challenging and unpleasant, you’re safe under the supervision of addiction specialists, physicians, and mental health professionals. 

The first step of undergoing treatment for cocaine addiction is the evaluation. During this stage of cocaine addiction treatment, medical professionals will document your drug history, current health status, and potential co-occurring mental health conditions. This is done so your care team can create the most effective recovery plan for your time in treatment. 

After completing the evaluation, you begin the official detox process. Detoxification helps your body adjust to functioning without cocaine and other substances. The length and intensity of your detox will depend on how much cocaine you used regularly and for how long. While you’re detoxing, your care team will provide 24/7 supervision to ensure you are as comfortable as possible while experiencing withdrawal symptoms. 

Dual Diagnosis Program

Once you have safely completed detox, you will begin your individualized cocaine addiction treatment program. This comprehensive treatment approach will help you overcome addiction by incorporating evidence-based practices for improving your mental health. Adults with substance use disorders frequently struggle with underlying mental health conditions. The dual diagnosis program can treat symptoms of both disorders. 

This substance can cause long-term mental health side effects in the form of emotional or mood disturbances. Additionally, individuals at an increased risk of experiencing psychosis or developing schizophrenia are at a higher risk of triggering symptoms if they binge cocaine in powdered form.

If you are experiencing symptoms of psychosis, schizophrenia, or another mental disorder, the dual diagnosis residential treatment program can help you receive a diagnosis. Further, these programs will guide you through the next steps of the recovery process through a variety of therapy modalities. 

Some of the addiction treatment modalities at our center include:

Once you have completed inpatient cocaine addiction treatment treatment, you should continue to seek support. Community support groups such as Cocaine Anonymous can keep you accountable and offer continual relapse prevention care. The Blackberry Center can help you find local groups to supplement our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or as part of your discharge planning. 

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The Blackberry Center is dedicated to helping adults improve their mental health and achieve sobriety through cocaine addiction treatment. For more information on how we can help, reach out to our admissions specialists today at (813) 908-4199, or you can fill out our confidential contact form. We’re here to help you recover from addiction.

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