Christian Based Drug Rehab in Florida | What Can Lead to Addiction?

No one ever anticipates having to struggle with addiction. It is not something we plan or can usually ever see coming. However, addiction can happen to anyone and there are certain factors that can contribute to an addiction taking hold. Read from a Christian based drug rehab in Florida below and become aware of the scenarios that can sometimes play a part in addict’s life.

3 Things that Play into Addiction:

Mental health disorders

Very often, those struggling with addiction also suffer from co-occurring disorders. Once seen by a specialist, this can also be known as dual diagnosis. With dual diagnosis, an individual may also have an anxiety disorder, PTSD, depression, a personality disorder, OCD, or other disorder that impacts mental or emotional stability.


Some individuals are predisposed to addiction. There are no tests that can tell you if addiction is in your DNA. Although, certain genes carry an increased risk for addiction in parents. Not to mention, if one is raised in a home where substance abuse is the norm, then the consequences of addiction don’t carry as much weight. Thus, addiction becomes much more likely.


Whether at home, school, work, or elsewhere, regularly spending time around drugs and alcohol increases risk for addiction. This is especially true for the young, who are more impressionable and acclimate to societal expectations. Additionally, no matter what age an individual is, peer pressure can still affect them. Both adults and adolescents can succumb to addiction while trying to fit in and be accepted by others in their surroundings.

Alternatively, some may look to drugs and alcohol due to problems in their environment. Substance abuse may not be present, but instead sought out. This is sometimes a result of trying to self-medicate or numb unpleasant feelings.

Let a Christian Based Drug Rehab in Florida Help

However you found your way to addiction, it is important to know that God still holds you in His grace and there is help available. If you or someone you know is trying to overcome drug addiction, contact The Blackberry Center for the help you need.

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