How Can Our Partial Hospitalization Program Help You?


We offer a holistic approach to addiction treatment & mental health.

How Can Our Partial Hospitalization Program Help You?

Partial hospitalization is an outpatient mental health program that combines psychiatric assessment, evaluation, and treatment. Throughout every step of the recovery process, our expert-level care is provided with kindness, empathy, and respect for your personal dignity.

You may be familiar with other partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), but at The Blackberry Center, we offer comprehensive, personalized care that goes beyond the ordinary. Read on for a closer look at the mental health care treatments we provide via our PHP.

Our PHP schedule is Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

Psychiatric Screenings

When you enroll in our PHP, one of our mental health professionals will guide you through a private and respectful psychiatric screening. By sharing your mental illness symptoms and your personal history, you will give vital information that our team member will use to develop your personalized treatment plan. This will ensure that all of your therapies and treatments come are as beneficial as possible.

Medication Management

In our PHP, you will meet with our medical staff to determine how your current medications affect your mental health and whether or not new medications would help or harm your situation. In these cases, a licensed physician will work with you to create a medication regimen that addresses your mental illness symptoms, your treatment goals, and your medical needs.

Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy and psychotherapy are some of the most effective treatment methods for people with mental illnesses. By combining these treatments, our care team will give you a space where you and others like you can come together to share experiences and work through the effects of mental illness. Guided by a mental health professional, these sessions will lay the groundwork for your recovery.

Family Therapy

As you recover from your mental illness, support from your loved ones can make all the difference. In these sessions, a member of our expert care staff will meet with you and your family to discuss your mental illness, your symptoms, and how they can support you following treatment. This will also create a space for you all to come together to openly and honestly discuss your feelings and strengthen your relationships.

Recreational Therapy

The Blackberry Center offers a variety of recreational therapy options, including sports, visual arts, and drama opportunities. Each of these evidence-based treatments will create opportunities for you to develop new skills that will help in your daily life after treatment. In this way, recreational therapy will be both a chance to relax and an opportunity to prepare for lifelong recovery.

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