Does alcohol dilate pupils?

Our eyes are meant to naturally switch between dilating to let in more light and constricting to filter out light in order to help us see in different environments. However, alcohol can slow down the ability for your eyes to dilate or constrict. As a result, you might...

Can drinking wine cause dry eyes?

Dry eyes are a common symptom from any type of alcoholic beverage, including wine. Not only can alcohol cause you to be dehydrated, which strains your eyes, but alcohol can also slow down your eyes’ natural reflexes.

Does alcohol make your eyes red?

Alcoholic eyes often look red and irritated. One of the reasons this occurs is because alcohol use can make the blood vessels in your eyes swell or even burst.

How does alcohol affect the eyes?

When consumed in large amounts over an extended period of time, alcohol can change the health of your eyes by weakening the muscles and deteriorating parts of your brain that control sight.

What does alcohol do to your eyes?

Alcohol can have many different negative effects on your eyes. Alcohol use is connected with various vision problems, including blurry sight, dry eyes, and even blindness. These side effects can be both temporary and long term, and they range in severity.
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