What is Alcohol Addiction Rehab Like?

Alcohol addiction is a significant problem that affects millions of people in the United States. But how do you know if you need alcohol addiction rehab? If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and thinking of seeking treatment, we have all the information you need to know. Below, we outline what alcohol addiction rehab looks like, your addiction treatment options, and how to start your journey toward recovery today.


What Are the Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is more than just a night of partying or social drinking. In fact, addiction to alcohol—also known as alcohol use disorder (AUD) in severe cases—is a serious mental health condition that requires treatment

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, only a very small percentage of people actually consider seeking treatment for this condition. But without the proper treatment for alcohol addiction, you could experience substantial health consequences.

The signs of alcohol addiction can be subtle, even if you are the one experiencing the symptoms. Some questions you might ask yourself to assess if you need alcohol addiction rehab are as follows:

  • Am I preoccupied with thoughts of drinking?
  • Have I made risky decisions under the influence of alcohol?
  • Am I able to have only one drink? Can I stop after one?
  • Do I feel the urge to drink until I am drunk or until I black out?
  • Have I experienced a lot of blackouts, hangovers, or other health consequences as a result of drinking?
  • Do I find myself drinking alcohol alone or when others stop?
  • Do I use alcohol to “cope” with anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions?
  • Does my body start experiencing symptoms of withdrawal (trembling, changes in sleeping patterns, nausea, etc.) when I try to stop drinking?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be struggling with addiction to alcohol. Finding treatment before this condition gets out of hand is incredibly important. Luckily, treating alcohol addiction is possible with the evidence-based treatment programs at the Blackberry Center in St. Cloud, Florida.

What Do Florida Alcohol Addiction Rehabs Do?

There are a variety of treatment facilities that can help you with alcohol addiction, but choosing the best treatment center for your recovery needs can feel overwhelming. You might feel bombarded with worries. What do alcohol addiction rehab centers do? What can you expect after being admitted? And which rehab programs will actually work?

We’re here to alleviate your concerns. Below, we break down what your treatment options are at The Blackberry Center so that you can focus on your physical, emotional, and spiritual health from the very beginning.

Alcohol Detox

For many of our patients, recovery starts with alcohol detox. During the detoxification process, you might experience symptoms of withdrawal ranging from vomiting, seizures, and even death. This is why it is so important to go through safe, medically-supervised alcohol detox. 

At The Blackberry Center, our specially trained staff provides 24/7 assistance through the alcohol detox process. We provide a safe, calm environment as well as treatment that is made specially for your recovery needs during and after detox. Then, once you make it through the alcohol detox program, you will be ready for more intensive treatment in the inpatient rehab program.

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab can make all the difference for somebody who is struggling with addiction. In inpatient rehab, the temptation of drinking is taken away because you are working toward recovery in a sober environment alongside others seeking treatment. In this program, you have access to services such as:

With all of these different treatment options, you will be able to find sobriety safely and comfortably. Most importantly, you will not only work toward addiction recovery but you will also have the resources you need to treat your mental health needs as well.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction and mental health disorders often need simultaneous treatment. Studies show that approximately half of people with alcohol use disorder or drug addiction also have co-occurring mental health conditions. Disorders like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and phobias are all more common with addiction struggles—and harder to treat.

Symptoms of mental health conditions can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous for your wellbeing. Oftentimes, people resort to using drugs or alcohol to cover up the pain of undiagnosed and untreated mental illnesses, but this does not solve the real issue at hand. Instead, addiction only fuels mental health challenges.

This is why receiving treatment for both alcohol addiction and mental illnesses is such an important factor when choosing a treatment facility. If you only address your struggles with addiction, you will still have the underlying challenges that come with mental health conditions, and vice versa.

One of the best treatment options in these situations is joining a dual diagnosis program. In addition to the treatment services discussed above, the dual diagnosis program at the Blackberry Center uses evidence-based treatment approaches, including:

  • Psychiatric assessments
  • Working a 12-step program
  • Post-discharge support.

Through intensive and specialized therapy, you can address your struggles with alcohol addiction and the symptoms of mental health conditions simultaneously. In treatment, you will learn valuable skills to healthily cope with addiction and your mental health needs. The strategies and alumni connections you will develop in treatment will serve you long after your time in an alcohol addiction rehab center. Remember, recovery from alcohol addiction is possible with the right resources and the right treatment center to provide support.

Ready to Get Treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

The Blackberry Center is here to help you with your addiction treatment needs. Do you have further questions? We’re here to take your calls at (813) 908-4199 and address your inquiries through our online confidential form. Please reach out to us about all the services that we are proud to offer to those struggling with the daily battle of alcoholism.

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