What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)?

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to participate in partial hospitalization programs (PHP) to overcome addiction in lieu of full-time residential treatment. These programs, designed to treat substance abuse and mental illness, use evidence-based methods to improve your overall health and wellbeing. After you have completed detoxification in a treatment facility, PHP programs are a good option for a second step to getting help for long-term sobriety.  But what does PHP look like? And who are good candidates? Let’s take a look: 

What Is Partial Hospitalization? 

PHP has emerged as not only an excellent treatment strategy for substance abuse, but also for other acute issues including depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and other mental health problems. 

In many partial hospitalization programs, you live onsite at a rehabilitation facility. This proximity gives you access to staff and healthcare professionals 24 hours a day. Overall, the goal is to provide total treatment for the patient, in order to reduce the need for inpatient treatment and facilitate the recovery process. 

Who’s a Good Fit for Partial Hospitalization? 

Before you enter a PHP, clinicians make an assessment to see if you are a good fit for this type of treatment. Ideal candidates for PHP usually have: 

  • Completed detoxification 
  • The ability to fully commit to treatment 
  • The motivation and drive to beat addiction 
  • Strong support networks throughout their life 

Keep in mind, these are just general qualities. In some cases, your healthcare professional may advise another form of treatment, such as an inpatient program. Everybody is different so it’s important to find the best care to treat each individual. 

What Are Partial Hospitalization Programs Like? 

Partial hospitalization approaches recovery in a multidisciplinary and holistic method. Thus, the staff encompasses many different fields, including psychiatrists, social workers, clinicians, substance abuse counselors, nurses, and other professionals. This team works together to create extensive care for patients in both individual and group settings. 

After your initial screening, your team creates a personalized, problem-specific management plan that’s regularly updated as your treatment progresses. For instance, your treatment plan will include: 

  • Regular counseling sessions 
  • Case manager meetings 
  • Medication assessment and management 
  • Coordination with your primary doctor and other healthcare providers
  • Family and support network contact 
  • Re-evaluation and discharge planning 

Ultimately, treatment is focused not only on overcoming addiction, but also on treating the underlying physical, mental, and emotional issues that may have triggered it. In other words, the goal is for patients to work towards a path of continuous growth. 

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The Benefits of PHP with On-site Living 

Most people who have completed detox are still in a vulnerable state and likely to relapse. For this reason, many PHP programs include on-site housing. In these supportive environments, you are better able to stay sober by avoiding triggers, preventing relapse, and progressing your skills building before returning home. 

Dual Diagnosis PHP 

Many rehabilitation centers offer dual diagnosis programs to treat patients with co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders. By approaching both of these areas at the same time, you are better able to engage your behavioral health problems and other changes necessary for true recovery. In daily group therapy sessions, you meet in peer groups to work on topics like: 

  • Trauma survival 
  • Self-esteem 
  • Grief 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Family behaviors
  • Sexuality
  • Relationships 
  • Depression

Partial Hospitalization: A Balanced Approach to Recovery 

Partial hospitalization offers individuals the support and care they need to continue their path to recovery. Not only does it give them the support of evidence-based addiction management strategies and therapy sessions essential for substance abuse recovery, but also addresses the underlying emotional and mental health issues prompting it. Ultimately, PHP gives people the tools they need to emerge successfully not only for sobriety but lifelong growth and wellbeing. 

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