national first responder day

National First Responders Day: Taking Care of Our Heroes

In a crisis, everyone relies on first responders. But who can first responders turn to in a crisis? That’s the question we’re answering for this year’s National First Responders Day, October 28th. These individuals put their health and wellbeing on the line, so we’re saying thank you to first responders and discussing the real issues...
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Outpatient Mental Health Care vs. Inpatient: Which Is Better?

When you’re looking for mental health care, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. In particular, many people struggle with identifying what type of treatment they need. And unfortunately, when people aren’t sure of how to get help, they sometimes end up skipping treatment altogether. That’s why it’s so important to understand the differences between...
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Mental Illness List: Common Conditions and Treatments

A complete mental illness list is helpful to understand common mental health disorders that people struggle with in the United States, but finding a comprehensive list isn’t always easy. This is because there are more than 100 mental health conditions defined by the DSM-5, each with their own symptoms and treatment options. That’s why we’re...
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Identifying Fake Xanax Bars: Treating Anxiety Safely

There is a fine line to walk when you are trying to treat symptoms of mental health with medication. On the one hand, medication could be very beneficial to easing your symptoms enough for you to work toward a full recovery. But on the other side of things, mental health and addiction struggles frequently go...
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FMLA for Rehab: Here’s What You Should Know

Did you know that there are laws in place to help people who need to take an extended period of time away from their jobs as a result of a personal or family situation? This is called the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA. The FMLA covers a lot of different situations, from medical...
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National Unfriend Day: Time for a Social Media Cleanse

Ever consider how your social media habits affect your mental health?  Not surprisingly, the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can positively or negatively influence your mental state depending on how much energy you devote to crafting a personal narrative, making social comparisons, or keeping up with an endless friends list....
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Panic Attack vs. Anxiety Attack: What’s the Difference?

Many people struggle to differentiate the symptoms of a panic attack vs. anxiety attack. For some, the symptoms are so close that they aren’t sure what they are experiencing. Here, we’re going to outline all of the major differences of a panic attack vs. anxiety attack so that you can understand what you’re feeling and...
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Are Your Mental Health and Well-Being Being Impacted By Social Isolation?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you may feel that your mental health and well-being have fallen to the wayside. Social distancing is a great way to stay safe from COVID-19, but it may not help your mental health. This is especially true if you’re living with a mental health condition like depression or anxiety. But...
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