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Mental Health Statistics in 2020 Compared to 2019

Mental health statistics have always been important for medical and mental health professionals to understand and consider, but they have been even more important in 2020 for everyone to consider. It doesn’t matter if you have been diagnosed with something like bipolar disorder or depression in the past or if you have never technically been...
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What Is Mental Health?

At some time or another, everyone has seen a doctor because of their physical health. Sore throats, stomach aches, sprained ankles—nobody bats an eye at these ailments. But as conversations about emotional well-being come to the forefront, more and more people are asking themselves: What is mental health? And how can I stay or get...
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How to Stop Self-Harm with 6 Steps

Learning how to stop self-harm starts with these tips. Find out more on self-harm recovery as well as how The Blackberry Center can help you stop self-harming behaviors for good. Treating Self-Harming Behaviors Learning how to stop self-harm is important, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For many people who self-harm, it can feel incredibly...
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