Faith Based Rehabs in Florida | Making School Work with Recovery
How can faith based rehabs in Florida help me with school?
20 Mar, 2020

Orlando and the surrounding area is brimming with college students gaining knowledge and learning about the world, as well as themselves. However, not all experiences in college are good or good for you. Bright young minds can fall victim to addiction when placed in situations where peer pressure to drink or use drugs is present. If you have found yourself facing addiction while in school, know that there are help and resources available to you from faith-based rehabs in Florida. Additionally, there are some things you can be proactive about in order to make sure that college doesn’t get the best of your recovery.

Research Your School

The Princeton Review is a college admissions service that aids both schools and students. Every year, they put together a list of the “Top 20 Stone-Cold Sober Colleges.” There is also a list of schools belonging to the Association of Recovery in Higher Education. If you have determined that you need to change schools for a successful recovery, using tools like this to research can only benefit you and your journey.

How can faith based rehabs in Florida help me with school?

Check That Your Dorm Is Substance-Free

“Dry” campuses exist, meaning no alcohol or drugs are tolerated on school grounds. While it may not be possible for you to attend a completely dry campus, many schools offer dorm accommodations that are substance-free. This may also be known as a wellness dorm, which means that alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and even tobacco are prohibited.

While not every student living in them has experienced addiction, there is usually an extra level of support for students in substance-free dorms. Some live there for the quietness away from parties and others choose them because they align with religious necessity. No matter, all who live in the substance-free dorms come the same mindset of abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

Let Faith Based Rehabs in Florida Help You Overcome Addiction

It is good to be proactive and take charge of your recovery. However, you don’t have to do it on your own. Even after you make all the right choices and do everything you can to stay sober, you may still need support. If that time comes, The Blackberry Center can help. Contact us today for the care you need for long-term success in recovery.

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