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How Christian Counseling Helps in Addiction Rehab

At The Blackberry Center in St. Cloud, Florida, Christian counseling is an optional treatment that can make a big impact in addiction recovery. By supplementing our traditional counseling services, this faith-based approach can give you a new way to contextualize and understand your addiction. In this way, it equips you to begin a healthy, lifelong...
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WHere can I find the best christian based drug rehab florida?

Christian-Based Drug Rehab Florida | Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are extremely common among young people and are very unstable and dangerous. We at The Blackberry Center are dedicated to fighting this epidemic and help people take their lives back. What Are Designer Drugs? Designer drugs are synthetic or man-made drugs that are usually produced in a laboratory. They may be derivatives of popularly...
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Rehab Center in Orlando, Florida Offers New Christian Recovery Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 10, 2020 Irene Pinero-Duque The Blackberry Center 1-844-232-6151 info@getchristianrecovery.com Orlando, Florida: The Blackberry Center is pleased to announce the launch of its newest program, Get Christian Recovery: a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment program that provides healing through scripture’s guidance, in addition to the traditional levels of care. Get Christian Recovery...
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Christian Faith Recovery Center in Florida | How Do I Prevent Relapse?

As you begin your sober life, it is only natural to worry about relapse. But there is much you can do after receiving treatment from a Christian faith recovery center in Florida to help prevent relapse from happening. Read on for just some of the things that will help you on your journey to recovery....
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What is the best faith-based rehab in Florida?

Faith-Based Rehabs in Florida | Our Process

Here at The Blackberry Center, we take enormous pride in our calculated recovery process. We combine the Christian faith with the 12-step program along with counseling to maximize your ability to succeed. While some treatment centers only remove the addiction, The Blackberry Center is here to heal your mind and relationship with God at faith-based...
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Faith-based Trauma and Addiction Care

Healing from Trauma and Addiction Through Faith-Based Programs

A vicious cycle exists between trauma and addiction. Trauma often causes its victims to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Oftentimes, this leads to addiction and further trauma. For this reason, it’s essential that rehabilitation treats not only the addiction but the trauma that may have created it in the first place. More and more research...
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Where can I find the best substance abuse treatment centers orlando?

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Orlando | Reconnecting Faith

We at the The Blackberry Center are very concerned with allowing our patients to reconnect with God. By healing your relationship with God, you can make peace with the mistakes of your past and move on. Combining medicine and faith we can help to heal even the strongest of addictions. Substance abuse treatment centers Orlando are here...
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Faith-Based Florida Drug Rehab Program

How to Stage an Intervention

Interventions allow close friends, family and loved ones to take a stand in the battle against addiction. They are one of the more common ways to effectively and proactively reach out to someone who is abusing drug, alcohol or other vices. We know it can be challenging to put this approach in action. Let’s go over...
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Christian Based Drug Rehab in Florida

3 Common Factors That Can Lead to Addiction

No one ever anticipates having to struggle with addiction. It is not something we plan. But drug abuse and addiction can take hold of anyone – including yourself and your loved ones. Let’s take an in-depth look at 3 common factors that can lead to addiction. Mental health struggles Struggles with mental health and substance abuse...
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