What’s My Why: Greg M., Mental Health and Recovery Technician
29 Jan, 2020


My name is Greg M., and over the last seven to eight months that I have worked at The Blackberry Center, I have worn multiple hats. I am a recovery technician for the Partial Hospitalization Program, a mental health technician at The Blackberry Hospital, and an admission specialist.

As a Recovery and mental health technician, I work directly with patients who are coping with disabilities, mental illnesses, and/or addiction, as well as physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, and counselors. I’m surrounded by so many different people because I get to be involved in many different treatment areas.

I help patients by leading group therapy and individual therapy. In addition to this, I also help with patient admissions. Because I am one of the first people clients interact with from The Blackberry Center, I try to put my best foot forward. My goal is to make the client feel comfortable in this very uncomfortable time of their life. 

My favorite part of working at The Blackberry Center is helping our patients who are in search of a better way of life. I’m an alcoholic in recovery and have been a member of A.A since 1992. Seeing clients in the treatment facility grow and become productive, happy people is so rewarding. I love getting updates from previous clients on their sobriety. As an alcoholic in recovery, working with others on their sobriety helps me stay sober — one day at a time. 


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