What’s My Why: Tina K., Residential Advisor
22 Jan, 2020


My name is Tina Kelly, and I have been a Residential Advisor at The Blackberry Center for three years. As an RA, some of my job duties include 

  • Talking to patients during the admissions process to gather their information 
  • Maintaining a healthy and safe environment in the villas that our patients live in during recovery 
  • Creating an atmosphere that generates engagement and active participation from our patients
  • Helping patients get to AA and NA meetings and other appointments
  • Facilitating groups recovery treatments

That all keeps me pretty busy, but I’m glad to be here.

My favorite part of working at The Blackberry Center would be seeing the process a patient goes through from start to finish. When patients first come in, they are sick. They don’t want to participate, and some haven’t even acknowledged they have a problem. As time goes on, I see the light slowly turn on inside of them. They begin to recognize they have a problem, then identify why this started, then towards the end of their treatment, the patients usually leave with big smiles. I like to think it’s because they have a second chance at a sober life. 

There have been so many patients over time who have stuck with me. One really memorable patient success story was when a gentleman came into treatment in rough shape; he could hardly walk. Throughout his therapy, he was not willing to admit he had a drinking problem. Progressively, he started to open up and participate. He loved going to Recreational Therapy and ran laps around the campus. By the time he left, he no longer needed a walker and said he was off of alcohol for good. It’s been years, but I still see him at AA meetings! 

That’s right, I have been a member of AA for 13 years, and it has changed my life completely. Because I am also in recovery, I love sharing the resources that helped me change my life for the better with others who need it, like our patients at The Blackberry Recovery Center. If you do what you love, you can’t help but be happy.

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