Thoughts of Suicide: 5 Steps to Stop Them

Thoughts of suicide can strike suddenly or build up over time. Those who have them often feel alienated, left without any other choices, or completely alone. However, none of those feelings are true. In fact, people who experience suicidal thoughts are far from...

Thoughts of Suicide

Do I Have a Mental Illness, or Am I Overreacting?

Someone may question whether they have a mental illness for a number of reasons. For instance, stigma may make them feel as though their feelings are invalid, or they may believe their experiences are a normal part of life. In any case, a lack of information about...

Do I Have a Mental Illness or Am I Overreacting?

Oxycodone and Alcohol: Can You Mix Them?

Millions of people throughout the country take prescription opioids for pain relief every day. However, some people may look for ways to magnify the effects of their medication, such as by taking oxycodone and alcohol together. Unfortunately, combining substances...

Oxycodone and Alcohol

Am I Depressed or Lazy? Knowing When to Get Help

When over 30 percent of adults in the United States exhibit at least one symptom of depression each week, it becomes difficult to gauge when to seek professional help. People who demonstrate a lack of motivation and struggle to complete household chores may ask,...

depressed or lazy

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment for Adults: FAQ

When someone experiences stomach pain or breaks a bone, they go to a doctor for help. But when someone lives with depression or anxiety, they may be told, “Just deal with it.” This is a dangerous and unhealthy approach to mental health. The truth is, it should be...

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment for Adults: FAQ

Rehab for Mental Health: 5 Signs to Get Help

Millions of people across the globe live with some form of mental illness. One of the most effective paths to recovery involves reaching out to a rehab for mental health and addiction. These types of treatment facilities possess the resources and knowledge...

Rehab for mental health

Benzo Detox: Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatment

If you have been prescribed benzodiazepines for a long time or suspect you’ve developed an addiction, you may be looking for ways to stop using them. A medical benzo detox allows people to taper their benzodiazepine usage in a safe, controlled setting. What Are...

Benzo Detox: Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatment

Effective Treatments for Anxiety Disorders

Of all the mental illnesses in the United States, anxiety disorders are the most common, affecting over 40 million adults every year. That’s the equivalent of almost one in five people. Such a widespread issue demands ample attention, and thankfully, effective...

Effective Treatments for Anxiety Disorders
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