Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center That Accepts Medicare

Medicare Accepted for Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Florida

Addiction and mental health are not separate issues. When a mental health issue leads to drug addiction, this is called a co-occurring disorder, and 7.9 million Americans are struggling with this problem.

Whether you need treatment for your co-occurring disorder, help with detox, or acute inpatient mental health care, we’re here for you. We accept Medicare because we believe that everyone should get the care they need.

Navigating Medicare can be difficult, so let us show you how you can use Medicare to get quality recovery treatment in Florida.

Question: Does Medicare Cover Rehab

Answer: Yes! Medicare covers treatments in two ways. First, through Part A insurance, which covers acute inpatient mental health services. Secondly, through Part B insurance, which covers the cost of medical treatments.

Put simply, Medicare Part B covers any services that are preventative or medically necessary.

Florida Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center

Medicare Will Cover You for Alcohol & Drug Rehab at The Blackberry Center

The most important message for you to take away is that Medicare will cover your inpatient mental health or dual diagnosis treatment at The Blackberry Center. Most of our patients find that Medicare pays for all or most of their care. If you’re not sure whether Medicare will pay for the treatment you need, give us a call at (813) 908-4199 and we’ll work with Medicare or your insurer to find the answers for you. Mental health and substance abuse disorders should never be faced alone, so reach out and let us help.

Medicare Rehab Facilities

  1. End alcohol abuse
  2. End drug abuse
  3. Improve overall health
  4. Treat any underlying mental health issues
  5. Integrate into society to live a productive life

We offer a unique approach to Addiction Treatment & Dual Diagnosis .

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Group Counseling and Peer Support

Individualized Counseling

Daily Interactions with Therapist

Friendly, Experienced Caretakers

Individualized Relapse Prevention

Nutrition Education

Fun, Educational Recreational Therapy

"This place saved my life!! The staff here is a wonderful, compassionate group of people. Some of the most caring individuals I have encountered, from the techs, nurses, Dr’s and nutrition staff. Your road to recovery can truly begin here at the Blackberry Center."



"My stay at the blackberry center was phenomenal the staff was so sweet and caring and made me feel safe. Paul was amazing and funny and an staff member. And he made sure I was safe and okay when I got here and was upset and sad."



"Thank you Blackberry Center. Please let all the west side techs especially Tina, Iris, and Greg know that Mike W. really appreciated their support and help"

Michael W.


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