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19 Oct, 2020

When you need mental health care, you may not be able to wait. That’s when you need a local psychiatric hospital. These mental health centers are ideal for people in need of inpatient treatment, crisis care services, and outpatient mental health services. But what level of care is right for you? And which mental health treatments can help?

Let’s look over some of the evidence-based programming offered at our local psychiatric hospital in St. Cloud, Florida.

What Do Psychiatric Hospitals in Florida Treat?

Local Psychiatric Hospital in St. Cloud, Florida

Mental illness comes with wildly different symptoms, and that means that not all treatments look the same. So how do you know if a residential treatment facility can help?

At our local mental health center, we offer comprehensive treatment that addresses a wide variety of mental health conditions. Some of the mental health issues we treat include:

As you can see, we help individuals in the St. Cloud, Florida area with many different psychiatric issues. With a team of doctors, counselors, and addiction specialists, we are prepared to help our community face and overcome the challenges of mental illness. And according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five Americans will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. This shows that mental health affects all of us, and our local psychiatric hospital is dedicated to being a resource for anyone seeking help.

Now, let’s take a look at our different mental health treatment options and see which one is right for you.

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Programs

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In our adult mental health program, you will be given a safe and secure space to focus on addressing your mental health issues. Our treatment services are specially designed to help you develop new coping skills and prepare for life after completing treatment. But what does that look like, exactly?

At this level of care, types of treatments include:

  • Medication Management: Sometimes medication can help a mental health issue, but the wrong medication can make things worse. That’s why our expert team of physicians and mental health experts will collaborate to determine if a new medication could help your symptoms, or to adjust the dosage of a current medication. You will work with our team to mutually decide whether or not medication management is right for your unique case.
  • Group Therapy: Our group counseling sessions are led by a mental health professional, and they help you and individuals like you to come together for shared support and community. By sharing common experiences, you will gain perspective on how mental illness works and learn to recognize and address symptoms.
  • Recreational TherapyAt our local psychiatric hospital, even relaxation time can be used to further your mental health goals. These recreational activities will help improve your mental health, your physical well-being, and your communication skills.
  • Discharge PlanningYour recovery does not end when you leave our facility. To help you prepare for the challenges of daily living, we will work to help you establish next steps after treatment. This could mean stepping down to a lower level of care, finding a healthy living situation, or signing up for long-term care, like counseling.
  • Dual Diagnosis ProgrammingOur dual diagnosis program is an alternative to traditional inpatient mental health treatment. At this equal level of care, you will receive programming for mental health issues as well as co-occurring substance abuse issues. By treating these issues as co-occurring disorders, we are better able to help individuals address both problems comprehensively and thoroughly.

At The Blackberry Center, we understand and respect that a person’s mental health is a serious and personal issue. Our compassionate staff will work with you to find solutions that prepare you for long-term recovery. Now, let’s take a look at what to do if you find yourself facing a mental health crisis.

Crisis Care Services at Our Local Psychiatric Hospital

local psychiatric hospital crisis care

Acute psychiatric distress, also known as a mental health crisis, is a vulnerable time. You might be considering harming yourself or another person, and these feelings can be deeply upsetting and distressing. You may or may not have a mental health disorder, but what matters is that you are in crisis and need immediate care. And that’s why we’re here.

At this level of care, you will stay at our local psychiatric hospital while we work with you to address your mental health crisis. This begins with an in-person assessment to better understand your unique situation and feelings. By learning what you’re going through, we will be able to create a treatment plan that is right for your needs.

From there, we will work with you using a combination of medication management, group psychotherapy, therapeutic activity groups, and other evidence-based treatment options. At The Blackberry Center, our first priority is your safety, so we will work with you to de-escalate your crisis and return you to a place of control and stability. However, we do not receive individuals who require involuntary admission via The Baker Act. This means that you will not be held at our treatment center if you wish to leave for any reason.

Due to the urgent nature of a mental health crisis, we accept walk-ins for this type of treatment. If you find yourself considering suicide, particularly if you start to develop a plan, it’s vital that you get immediate help at a local psychiatric hospital.

Partial Hospitalization Program

When you have completed inpatient treatment, that may not mean that you’re done receiving treatment at your local psychiatric hospital. Rather, it may be time for you to enroll in an outpatient treatment program, and that is exactly what we offer with our partial  hospitalization program (PHP).

At our PHP, you will live at home and commute to our mental health treatment center. Sessions are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM, for a total of 20 hours of programming each week, not including lunch breaks. In these sessions, you will continue with the treatment options you received in inpatient care, but the focus will be slightly different. Where before you focused on stabilizing your mental health and learning new coping mechanisms, you will now work to adjust to the daily stressors of life and use those coping skills in real-world situations.

Oftentimes, when people attend only inpatient treatment and abruptly stop, they may find that they are not ready for daily life. Keeping good mental health is much easier in a treatment center where there are no daily hassles or stressors. However, keeping that improvement going in real life can be much more challenging. By enrolling in a PHP, you can make this transition easier and improve your mental health recovery in the long term.

Alternatively, you may enroll in PHP even if you have not completed inpatient treatment. This is generally recommended for people who both have relatively stable mental health and cannot stop working or attending school for long enough to attend inpatient treatment. While this is not the norm, for some people, a less intensive treatment option like PHP can make a world of difference in their mental well-being.

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At The Blackberry Recovery Center in St. Cloud, Florida, we do not settle for short term improvements. Instead, we work with you to ensure that your mental health can flourish for years to come. If you, a family member, or a loved one need mental health treatment, please contact us at (813) 908-4199 or fill out our confidential contact form. We are ready and waiting to help you improve your mental health and your overall quality of life.

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